Howto: Automated AWS spot instance provisioning with persisting of data

The end result after completing all the steps in this howto


Bringing up the environment (Virtual Private Cloud)

  1. From your terminal, clone my scripts repository and cd into it
git clone && cd aws-setup

Configuring our workstation in the cloud

./ p2.xlarge 0.25
if [ -d “$HOME/aws_scripts” ] ; then
authorize-current-ip && spot-instance-connect
wget && bash
sudo shred -u /etc/ssh/*_key /etc/ssh/*
exec bash && ./start-jupyter-notebook
cat ~/aws_scripts/spot-instance-connect
https://<IP addr>:8888

Creating the persistent volume

sudo fdisk /dev/xvdf
sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/xvdf1
cd workspace
sudo chmod go+rw .

Grande Finale

Workflow steps

./ p2.xlarge 0.25
  1. Why do I need to authorize and deauthorize my IP address?
    This configures ingress rules in the security group of our VPC so that only computers with a given public IP address can access your notebook. This might be a nuisance to some and can be disabled from AWS console. Will provide more details if necessary.
  2. There are two additional steps that can make this setup even more convenient — I only configured this for myself several weeks after the initial version but I am enjoying those changes very much. This is what the process of booting up the instance looks like with additional configuration steps I mention below:
Starting the instance up after completing the additional configuration steps
  1. Configure /etc/fstab following the instructions described here starting with step #7.
  2. Add the following line to your /etc/rc.local
    su ubuntu -c ‘bash /home/ubuntu/start-jupyter-notebook
  3. Redo steps 7 through 9 of the above howto, then follow with step 26.




I ❤️ ML / DL ideas — I tweet about them / write about them / implement them. Recommender Systems at NVIDIA

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Radek Osmulski

Radek Osmulski

I ❤️ ML / DL ideas — I tweet about them / write about them / implement them. Recommender Systems at NVIDIA

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