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  • Britt Selvitelle

    Britt Selvitelle

    Creating something beautiful. Formerly, Early Engineer at Twitter (Founding Team) and Founder at Userscripts.org. I have a dog.

  • Dmytro Mishkin

    Dmytro Mishkin

    Computer Vision researcher and consultant. Co-founder of Ukrainian Research group “Szkocka”.

  • William Horton

    William Horton

    Senior Software Engineer at Compass | fast.ai International Fellow

  • Jonathan Hui

    Jonathan Hui

    Deep Learning

  • Hamel Husain

    Hamel Husain

    Machine Learning @Github. Previously @Airbnb, @DataRobot

  • Chintan Trivedi

    Chintan Trivedi

    AI, ML for Digital Games Researcher. Founder at DG AI Research Lab, India. Visit our publication homepage medium.com/deepgamingai for weekly AI & Games content!

  • Irhum Shafkat

    Irhum Shafkat

    Curious programmer, tinkers around in Python and deep learning.

  • Dănuț Haiduc

    Dănuț Haiduc

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